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BREAKING NEWS: a evil penguin named Peelopem has robbed the rainbow bank (also known as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow)

The leprechaun Larry was counting his gold "567..568..569" when Peelopem snuck up and snatched Larry straight out of his seat. Rumor has it, that Peelopem froze Larry in a giant ice cube. two days after the crime the paper patrol came to check what happened. (the paper patrol is a group of investigators made out of origami) The paper patrol found where Peelopem lives and are going to investigate his home soon. We all hope Larry will come out alive.

A new band named "pandas alive" went viral after playing at the prom of "animal jam" high-school. This happened because one of the student's dad was a famous director and he came to help out at the school, when he saw "pandas alive" play, he knew they had raw talent. It has only been a week since the prom and this band is the number one band in the country and have one million fans.